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The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure

The Norwegian Argo Infrastructure

Screenshot of the NorArgo map


For daily updated Argo float locations go to NorArgo Map

NorArgo is an ocean observing system for the Arctic that monitor, in near real-time, essential physical and ecosystem variables. It will operate an array of ~30 autonomous vertical profiling floats, Argo floats, that will carry various sensors (pressure, temperature, salinity, oxygen, pH, nitrate, etc.). NorArgo is funded by the Norwegian Research Council for 2018-2023 (through the infrastructure project NorArgo2).

Figure that shows the last registered posi1ons of ac1ve Argo floats in the Nordic Seas
Published 30.08.2023 - Updated 03.05.2024

Workshop on BGC-Argo in Bergen, 1-2 November

The Argo programme has in many ways revolutionised the field of physical oceanography. The network of floats with biogeochemical sensors, called “BGC-Argo” has the same potetial for the biogeochemical-related oceanography, but is still to be fully utilised. With this is mind we will host a workshop in Bergen, with the main objetive to increase the interest and use of BGC-Argo data among Norwegian institutions. We invite anyone interested in these data, no matter the experience. 

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Figure that shows Cruise track and deployment locations of Argo floats
Published 29.08.2023 - Updated 29.08.2023

Deployment of the latest generation of BGC-Argo floats

Eight new Argo floats were deployed in the Nordic Seas during a cruise with R/V Johan Hjort, 15 May - 4 June 2023, with Henrik Søiland (IMR) as cruise leader. The cruise track with the locations of the Argo float deployments is shown in Figure 1.

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