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Analysis of feedback from stakeholders on barriers to uptake

We have analyzed needs, challenges and barriers related to increased uptake of Copernicus data and products based on feedback from stakeholders and present a strategy to cope with the identified challenges.

Published 22.06.2020 - Updated 22.06.2020

An analysis of needs, challenges, and barriers to user-uptake of Copernicus data and products has been carried out, based on feedback from stakeholders identified in WP2 of CoRdiNet and presented in “Inventory of relevant LRAs and companies in regions”. A total number of 180 stakeholders were addressed and interviewed by the CoRdiNet partners, including those engaged by two associated partners related to the Call for Expression of Interest related to WP2. The stakeholders range from SMEs to public authorities and research centers.

The majority of the stakeholders declared to be familiar with using Copernicus data and products in their activities. Further, they acknowledge the relevance for such information in their work. Although needs and challenges highlighted by users and stakeholders are specific for different market sectors, some general challenges have been identified. They include data and product quality and access. Furthermore, barriers to increased user uptake are classified into five main categories:

  • Education & Training
  • Information
  • Technical issues
  • Data quality
  • Costs

Based on these feedbacks, we provide a preliminary strategy for how to address needs and overcome challenges and barriers to increased user uptake.

A summary of the analysis can be downloaded here.