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Home-office videos by and for Copernicus Relays

We offer “home office videos” which includes information that may benefit you as a Copernicus Relay. We also invite you to share your videos for the benefit of the Copernicus Relay Community.

Published 26.05.2020 - Updated 26.05.2020

We are truly living through challenging times. However, while we cannot help you with the current situation, we want to help you with your challenges as a Copernicus Relay! And in order to do so, we are presenting videos sharing our expertise, experiences and best practices for how to succeed as a Copernicus Relay.

Here, you will find videos from CoRdiNet partners, as well as CoRdiNet associated partners and other Copernicus Relays, covering a wide range of regions and sectors throughout Europe. Moreover, they represent both governmental institutions, businesses and SMEs, as well as academia. And to stay true to the current situation with social distancing, the videos are prepared in home-made style.

We hope that you will find these videos inspiring and that our experiences offer you valuable information and hints on how to improve on your role as a fellow Copernicus Relay. Also, we invite you to send us your own video presenting yourself as a Copernicus Relay and your work and experiences in expanding the Copernicus ecosystem. Please find some guidelines for how to create the video at the bottom of this page.

Remember, we are in this together!

First off is Jürgen Vogel from bavAIRia in Bavaria, Germany, sharing the company’s function and experience as a Copernicus Relay for the German space sector.

Coordinator Jürgen Vogel on the Copernicus Relays functions  (Video) 

Please find some guidelines for how to create a video for yourself