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Representatives from both CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC projects, as well as REA and the projects’ external reviewer gathered together at the University of Salzburg campus.

Joint CoRdiNet - CopHub.AC meeting

Partners from the two projects CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC organized a joint meeting as a part of the semi-annual project review meetings.

Published 02.05.2019 - Updated 02.05.2019

As a part of the semi-annual internal project meetings and project review meetings in the two projects CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC, a joint session where all the projects partners were present was arranged. The joint session facilitated round-table discussions and sharing of knowledge on the European markets for Earth observations, including challenges and needs across different sectors, bundling the expertise of the different partners of the two projects. The discussion set the stage for the two projects’ objectives and demonstrated the need for the coordination of Copernicus Relays and Academy activities that the projects bring to this part of the Copernicus Ecosystem.


Joint session with CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC representatives in round-table discussions.


In addition to the joint session with all project partners involved, the event also facilitated the three-monthly personal meeting between the coordinators of the Copernicus Academy network CopHub.AC and the network of Copernicus Relays, CoRdiNet, Jürgen Vogel (CoRdiNet coordinator) and Stefan Lang (CopHub.AC coordinator). The coordination meeting ensures a close collaboration between the two projects at the coordination level, and it is used for discussing and planning the integration of joint and related activities and matters that intersect the spheres of both projects.