Policy Briefings

The Policy Briefings presents first recommendations for Copernicus stakeholders to increase the level of interest, maturity of service offers and satisfy user needs in the Copernicus program’s services.

Based on local Copernicus info events and workshops to foster the creation of pilot projects, first, sector-independent policy recommendations are presented. They comprise three areas: Easy data accessibility and usage, increase awareness and use and support for innovations. To set the context, some of the EU regulative framework linked to the Copernicus services on land, water and air / climate was put together and discussed.

The report presents the methodologies used to identify and formulate recommendations for a wider use of Earth Observation – Copernicus data and services in the context of EU policies. More specifically, the report provides insights into the European directives and reporting obligations, and which EU regulatory frames already encourage improving monitoring and reporting.

The full report can be downloaded here.