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bilde cordinet review meeting

The CoRdiNet team together at the University of Salzburg campus, including representatives from the REA and the project’s reviewer.

Review Meeting

On April 3-4 the CoRdiNet partners met in Salzburg for a two-day meeting for internal discussions and project review. 

Published 02.05.2019 - Updated 02.05.2019

On April 3-4, representatives from all CoRdiNet partners met in person for the first time since the project’s kick-off in October, in the beautiful city of Salzburg, perhaps most well-known for being Mozart’s birth place. While that would make a perfect location for getting the project partners to play perfectly together, the meeting was held at the premises of the Z_GIS Interdisciplinary Centre for Geoinformatics at the University of Salzburg, the home of the coordinators of Copernicus Academy network project CopHub.AC, Stefan Lang and Peter Zeil, who were kindly hosting the meeting.


During the internal meeting, matters relating to the practical implementation of the project plan, the project progress, updates on project milestones and deliverables, as well as project status summary and reporting were presented and discussed. In addition to foster fruitful discussions, such a meeting facilitates that the project partners get to know each other better, which in and of itself is an important factor when carrying out a successful project.


On day two of the meeting, the project was presented to and reviewed by a representative from REA and an external reviewer. The session facilitated two-way communication including feedback to the project partners on the work performed so far, and the work planned for the next six months within each of the seven work packages in the project.


The project group obviously has an affinity for great music composers, as the next internal project meeting to be attended in person and the annual review meeting, will be held in October in Bergen, Norway, which is the birth place of the composer Edvard Grieg. The meeting will be hosted by CoRdiNet’s Norwegian partner, the Institute of Marine Research.