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Roadmap for digitalisation using Earth Observation data

CERSP has provided a draft roadmap for digitalisation using Earth Observation data identifying target groups and main policy objectives.

Published 20.12.2019 - Updated 20.12.2019

This is the draft of the CoRdiNet Short Road Map to Digitalisation via Copernicus Earth Observation data, from the Copernicus European Regional Strategy Panel (CERSP). The panel consists of 18 representatives of the European Earth Observation community and was grouped into six working groups to set-up a road map adapted to the regional needs and offers in digitalisation via Copernicus Earth Observation data. The panel thinks that a regional-/sub-national view is closer to the needs and offers and allows to support business and pilot creation on a more effective and successful way compared to a national approach. Moreover, the regional/sub-national view allows for synergies with regional/sub-national funds and policy priorities. This draft includes identified target groups, main policy objectives, as well as a draft roadmap with regional and sub-regional committees. The draft will be further improved to provide a foundation for a consultation process with its primary stakeholders in the regions in Europe.


Read the full report here.