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Target groups for Copernicus support and training webinars

Target groups and topics for further support to access Copernicus services through “train-the-trainers” webinars are presented.

Published 20.12.2019 - Updated 20.12.2019

As a provision of user-oriented services on Copernicus products, a set of webinars will be given to identified target groups. In a recent report, the target groups for further support to access Copernicus services are identified. The document describes the methodology for defining the target groups and presents plans developed for train-the-trainer webinars. The target groups were defined on the basis of a survey of CoRDiNet partners and other Copernicus Relays, conducted over the summer months of 2019. The survey revealed which institutional groups are considered to be of greater potential for new user cases, as well as identifying the thematic sections where training of Relays is most needed and sought.

The webinars will focus on Data access (DIASes and other points of access), as well as specific examples of applications and data access points for the thematic sections selected on the basis of training needs survey. The list of planned webinars and their structure are provided in the report.

The webinars will be organised in the period between January and July 2020, as a part of activities on awareness raising and provision of user-oriented information on Copernicus. Information about topic and registration to attend will be circulated, among other, through twitter (@CordinetB) and the project’s website (

The report can be found here.