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User Uptake Plan

A User Uptake Plan including recommendations and guidelines for user-uptake activities is provided.

Published 31.10.2019 - Updated 31.10.2019

The User Uptake Plan intends to identify relevant stakeholders and consider appropriate activities to ensure that stakeholders are kept engaged and trust relationships are built. Furthermore, the User Uptake Plan puts the Copernicus user uptake in context of the European Space Strategy.

Studies of the socio-economic benefits of Copernicus have revealed large potential for impact and benefits of Copernicus across sectors, although with different current penetration and expected growth rates. The User Uptake Plan aims to guide user uptake activities how to run effectively and efficiently in order to unlock the large potential for Copernicus socio-economic benefits. 

A task description and methods for selection of target stakeholders and potential sectors to be engaged are provided. Furthermore, a flow chart for user uptake activities in the work package is presented, along with a detailed framework and approach for organization of user engagement workshops by Copernicus Relays.

The full report can be downloaded here.

An update to the report after month 12 in the project can be downloaded here.