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Opening Vidar Lien

Vidar Lien opens the workshop session.

Photo: Markus Kerschbaumer

Workshop on Copernicus data and products in marine sector

As a part of the Annual Review Meeting in CoRdiNet, co-organized together with CopHub.AC, we arranged the workshop Possibilities and challenges of Copernicus products and services in marine industry, research and management – Bringing together Copernicus product providers and users

Published 14.02.2020 - Updated 14.02.2020

The purpose of the workshop was to bring together in the same room providers and users of Copernicus products and services to discuss both possibilities and challenges related to the use services from Copernicus in business and industry, with a focus on the marine sector. In addition to invited speakers from business and industry and participants from the two projects CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC, the European Commission DG GROW and REA were present at the workshop.T

The workshop accommodated nearly 20 talks and presentations from Copernicus product providers as well as intermediate and end users, and also included CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC consortium members. The workshop focused on the marine sector, tilted toward the Norwegian and Arctic regions. The Copernicus Marine Arctic Marine Forecasting Centre and the Arctic component of the Copernicus Marine In-Situ Thematic Assembly Centre and associated product portfolios were presented. Intermediate and end users comprised the offshore oil & gas sector, weather services for offshore operations, maritime industry services, and marine research. The Norwegian aquaculture industry was represented through joint projects with IMR.



Presentation of NAVTOR e-Navigation solutions for the maritime sector. (Photo: Øivind Bergh)


In addition to a spectrum of marine applications and usages, examples of Copernicus related activities throughout Europe were presented, including an overview by the Norwegian Space Agency on upcoming and planned missions under the Sentinel program, as well as a report on the growth of earth observation industry in Europe, provided by EARSC. Copernicus applications in Lithuania in Cyprus were presented.


Presentation of how Copernicus can help optimize farm location and in aquaculture industry. (Photo: Øivind Bergh)


The discussions and feedback at the workshop provided existing and potential use cases for Copernicus products in Norwegian marine sector that will be pursued and developed through follow up meetings and actions. Furthermore, specific suggestions for product improvement were put forward from users to the Copernicus product providers and DG GROW.


Presentation of the growth in European Earth Observation industry. (Photo: Øivind Bergh)


The agenda for the workshop can be found here.

The presentations are listed below: 


Growth of the European Earth Observatory industry

Copernicus Marine Services - The Arctic Marine Forecasting Centre

Copernicus services as support for Met operational services

In Situ Thematic Assenbly Centre for Copernicus Marine Services

EO-based service for Monitoring and Reporting of Ecological status: case of the SE Baltic Sea (EMORES)

Copernicus for supporting weather services for offshore operations

NAVTOR - a Norwegian SME and global e-Navigator provider

User Experience with Copernicus Data

How can Copernicus services support scientific-based advice for marine management?

AfriCultuReS - Enhancing Food Security in African Agricultural Systems with the support of Remote Sensing

EO MAMMALS - A Tool Towards the Sustainability of the Whale-Watching Activity 

Use of Copernicus Data in present and future aquaculture?