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Visual for the online image and products displayer vudelespace.

Photo: GIS BreTel

BreTel - Brittany Remote Sensing Group

Published 22.02.2021 - Updated 22.02.2021

Title of the project

Disseminate and promote space ecosystem and Copernicus to maritime stakeholder and to the general public

Short description of the organization, including link to website:

Brittany Remote Sensing Group (BreTel) is a regional structure mandated by the Brittany Region for space actions in Research, Economical Development, Training and Uses. This group is led by IMT Atlantique (engineering School, Copernicus Academy), but its actions are broader than academic actions. Bretel supports companies being involved in existing devices (Copernicus Relay with Pôle Mer for maritime issues, ESABIC Nord France for projects sourcing) and developing its own support actions for companies and LRAs working on continental issues.

Contact for project:

Marie Jagaille

Bretel logo

Related to WP call:

CoRdiNet second call for expressions for interest to advance digitalisation through Copernicus data and services

Kind of activity:

The project will allow us to develop materials and tools that illustrate concrete Copernicus and Space applications to the general public (kids and adults) and to regional stakeholders.

Short description

The action will enable various public to know the activities of the regional space actors in the continental/coastal/maritime fields, and through this, to understand the contribution of Copernicus for their territory.

Main outputs:

Concrete outputs will be:

  • Design and printing of a large-format exhibition of earth images from space
  • Display of the exhibition in a place accessible to the public, during an event Ocean Hackathon, welcoming a hundred people respecting sanitary rules
  • Exhibition made available to our members and partners on site or for events
  • Satellite model construction and made available to our members and partners on site or for events

Online image displayers “vudelespace” for regional stakeholders and for kids including Sentinel images and Copernicus products

What motivated you to participate as an associated partner to CoRdiNet?

  • We wanted to produce free material for us and our members and partners in order to illustrate space activities in Europe and in our Region (Brittany, France). Initially planned for a major maritime event with 700 000 visitors, this material will be display for smaller or online events.
  • We appreciated the simplicity to apply to the call

How does your proposed action/project complement the purpose of CoRdiNet? What is your contribution to the Copernicus ecosystem?

We want to make space applications and space economical sector more visible to the regional stakeholders and to the general public. We already are involved in working group in order to promote space applications, but we realized that more dissemination could be done to the general public, in schools, during scientific events, online. This material will help us to talk about Copernicus in a broader choice of events.

What were the new contact you made and what have you learnt out of your engagement with CoRdiNeT?

I met new contacts (model satellite designer, web designer) and reinforced existing contact with regional partner (Ocean Hackathon® organization team for the display of the exhibition, researchers for the validation of the description texts accompanying the images).

I already knew the CoRdiNet project, being part of the CERPS working Group. But with this project I had concrete means to develop actions at the regional level. Also, with the support of Nereus when redacting the check list, it helped me to select some relevant actions.

Earth observation exhibition during Ocean Hackathon® October 2020. (Photo: Marie Jagaille)