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Photographic exhibition in the premises of B612 (Toulouse, France)

Earth Observation for an Artistic and Educational Exhibition

Published 22.02.2021 - Updated 22.02.2021

Short description of the organization, including link to website:

ImaginEarth is a small company based in Toulouse that creates artistic photographs of the Earth from satellite images. These photographs are used for exhibitions on various themes or for decoration. They show the beauty and fragility of the Earth and highlight some geographical areas. The ImaginEarth website is used to create and order prints online. In addition to these commercial activities, a blog is managed to communicate on Space and Environmental issues.

Website: www.imaginearth.fr

Contact for project:


Short description

The objective of the ImaginEarth project is to make people discover the Copernicus program through an original and artistic approach. To this end, three photographic exhibitions of satellite images (Sentinel-2) were organized within several places in Toulouse (university, engineering school and an Innovation Center).


What motivated you to participate as an associated partner to CoRdiNet?

The main motivation to participate as an external partner to the CoRdiNet is to make the Copernicus program, and particularly the Sentinel-2 mission, known to the general public. Satellite images acquired by this sensor are effective communication tools. They make it possible to discover and understand some sustainable development issues such as climate change or urbanization and how Earth observation data can help to study and monitor these phenomena.

How does your proposed action/project complement the purpose of CoRdiNet? What is your contribution to the Copernicus ecosystem?

ImaginEarth ambition is to promote the Copernicus program to the general public through a communication strategy based on the artistic and pedagogical dimension of the images acquired by the Sentinel-2 satellite. The objective is to address through selected images some sustainable development issues (climate, agriculture, deforestation, pollution, etc.) and to show how Earth observation can help to understand and monitor these phenomena. To this end, ImaginEarth organizes physical or virtual exhibitions and shares on social networks these images with some explanations. The target audience is large; it includes the professional sector, students (high schools and universities), academics and public authorities. 

What were the new contact you made and what have you learnt out of your engagement with CoRdiNeT?

New contacts have been made with a diversity of actors in the academic sector (university, engineering school and students) but also in the professional and institutional sectors. The exhibitions set up in the framework of CoRdiNeT project will benefit other organizations such as high schools or municipalities.