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Föra forest technologies

föra is a forest technology and innovation company focused on the assessment of forest resources using remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Published 22.02.2021 - Updated 22.02.2021

Contact for project:

Iñigo Lizarralde (

Title of the project:

förecast: Copernicus powered forest management

Kind of activity:

Copernicus dissemination through Business/Scientific breakfast

Short description:

förecast is a web app for forest managers, that combines LiDAR and Sentinel-2 data to compile and handle information in the most accurate way and to make decisions about wood stocks using Artificial Intelligence (AI). We want to get a better insight into challenges, needs, interests, and potential barriers to a more effective exploitation of Copernicus data for forestry in our product, scheduling three business breakfasts that open a way to new user-communities and an optimal exploitation of the Copernicus program.

Main outputs:

The main output of the first business breakfast is the link to the video of the meeting, as it had to be done online due to the current situation. The other two breakfast are expected to be face-to-face.

What motivated you to participate as an external/associated partner to CORdiNet?

As users of Copernicus data through our solution förecast, we believe the potential of Copernicus in order to develop forest related products must be profusely disseminated and from föra we saw a great opportunity to put together different key players on the forest management value chain to create awareness on Copernicus among them.

How does your proposed action/project complement the purpose of CoRdiNet? What is your contribution to the Copernicus ecosystem?

The action complements CoRdiNet because it works from direct users (föra) to potential end-users of our solutions using Copernicus. The contribution to the Copernicus ecosystem relies on showing how applications on the forest sector can be developed by data users and powered by Copernicus. How sectors such as forestry can take advantage of the Copernicus data and develop solutions, which, by the way, help reaching the goals of the European Green Deal.

What were the new contacts you made and what have you learnt from your engagement with CoRdiNet?

We have contacted several potential clients and, specially, we have learnt about the Copernicus Relays and how they can be interesting business partners for future developments.