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IEST – European Institute for Technological Development

Published 22.02.2021 - Updated 22.02.2021

Short description of the organization, including link to website:

IEST is a non-profit research and development organization, with perfect legal personality, engaged in applied research and technical service. It was founded to anticipate the technological needs of industrial development and research and plays a fundamental role in spreading the new technological culture.

Supported by its wide range of research skills, IEST has increasingly close links with the world of Industry, on the one hand, and the University on the other, and is becoming an increasingly active member in various global network communities. Over the years it has organized a series of meetings, seminars and workshops, also with countries in South America and China, in order to promote the exchange of knowledge in the environmental, technical and technological sectors having as its base mainly Venice.

IEST has collaborated with United Nations operational institutions such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), in particular with the representative offices in China that deal with intermediation between international partnerships in favor of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises), promoting their productivity and cooperation.

IEST has been selected by the European Commission as a member of the Copernicus Relay network as the local representative of the Copernicus program to promote the benefits of the EU Earth observation program.

Furthermore, it is the only institute in Italy to have received recognition as a Copernicus Academy from the EU.


Contact for project:

Stefania De Zorzi, email:

Related to WP call:

WP2  -  Regional challenges and needs to be supported by EO/Copernicus

Kind of activity:

Copernicus Stakeholder Identification and Engaging potential Copernicus stakeholders at local level

Short description

Our activities related to the creation and computerization of a questionnaire administered to entrepreneurs, Start Up, local public administration regarding the knowledge and use of Copernicus data.

Sector targets and targets that could potentially use the Copernicus data have been interviewed but are not yet active in this regard.

Main outputs:

Report of Stakeholder analysis

What motivated you to participate as an associated partner to CoRdiNet?

Among the various activities, that IEST carries out is also the knowledge and knowledge of phenomena related to the real economy and the study of economic and human ecosystems. As Copernicus Academy and Relay it is fundamental for us to understand the links between research work, businesses and the market. As well as being able to predict future scenarios and related trends, anticipating changes in society and the market. This work allowed us to test an innovative sector like Copernicus environment.

How does your proposed action/project complement the purpose of CoRdiNet? What is your contribution to the Copernicus ecosystem?

Copernicus is an incredible multi-year program managed by the EU. This program allows you to test a series of environmental parameters directly from satellites, helping to understand our own planet always more.

These data and information that are made available are for the whole earth and not only for Europe. For us this has become an opportunity to work with various non-European countries, such as India and South America, as well as obviously with various European universities. Translating, even at a local level, information and data, for the daily control of our Planet.