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Eleven associated partners receive funding through CoRdiNet

Following the three Calls for Expression of Interest that we published related to three different work packages (WP2, WP3, and WP4), we received a total of 17 proposals. After a thorough evaluation based on a set of pre-determined criteria, the independent Evaluation Board recommended 11 projects to be financed. A list of the projects, including the applicants and titles of the projects, follows below.

Selected projects related to WP2: Regional challenges and needs to be supported by EO/Copernicus

Institut Scientifique de Service Public (ISSeP), Wallonia, Belgium: Share, enrich and outreach EO uptake experiences for public stakeholders with other Copernicus Relays and NEREUS members

European Institute for Technological Development (IEST), in collaboration with iXitaly, Veneto, Italy: Stakeholder Identification – ideas and wishes


Selected projects related to WP3: Local information events on Copernicus data and services

Copernicus Relay on behalf of Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic: 9th Czech National Copernicus User Forum 2020

Azores Mission Structure for Space, Azores, Portugal: Copernicus Workshop for Technological Training Schools

Distretto Tecnologica Aerospaziale (DTA), Apulia, Italy: Follow up of the Copernicus Hackathon in Bari, Apulia, 11-13 Oct 2019

Madrid Aerospace Cluster, Madrid, Spain: Copernicus Cluster Collaboration Platform (CONCERTINA)

European Institute for Technological Development (IEST), in collaboration with iXitaly, Veneto, Italy: Politics, Citizens and Earth Observation


Selected projects related to WP4: Business Links and Pilot Projects

Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique, Brittany, France: Demonstration of Copernicus potential for marine environmental regulatory framework

Cyprus Remote Sensing Society, Cyprus: Citrus fruit monitored using Copernicus (TRUST)

Bohemia EU Planners, Prague, Czech Republic: Regional Workshops

Environmental Hydraulics Foundation (FIHAC),, Cantabria, Spain: Development of a methodology to characterize the location, extent and evolution of two non-native invasive species in Spanish wetlands