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Photos from the building process

The hull of the "Dr. Fridthof Nansen" is being built at the shipyard Astilleros Gondan, Alvaro Platero. The yard is located northwest of Spain specializing in customized vessels. They have built 15 vessels for Norwegian owners earlier, but this is the first contract for the Norwegian government.

Published 10.08.2015 - Updated 14.11.2016

Progress pr. November 2016:



Progress pr. October 2016:



Progress pr. September 2016:


Progress pr. July 2016:

Crows nest

Progress pr. June 2016:

Progress pr. May 2016:


Progress pr. April 2016:




















Progress pr. February 2016:

Progress pr. January 2016:

Progress pr. December 2015:

The hull is now paintet

Progress pr. November 2015:


Progress pr. october 2015:

Block 46 incl. room for anchor winch

Railing in place on stern and in slipway

Bollards -2nd deck

Flexible mountings - el.motor

Hull pr. october 2015


Deck above el.motor

Mountings starter el.motor

Under stern gate

Progress pr september 2015:

BL-17 - lower part

Bow head on slipway

Grids ready for assembly

Stern with slip ready on site

UPS and panels

Progress pr. july 2015:

Slipway main deck - week 30


Unit 16 on slipway

Water mist unit installed in bow thrust room

Bow thruster motor installation 

Propulsion motors - 67 tons!

Azimuth el-motor connected to Az unit

The yard area:

Nye Nansen verfetalt


Cutting of steel:

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