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The Institute of Marine Research is leading the center

The Institute of Marine Research is one of the largest marine research institutes in Europe with approximately one thousand employees. Our main activities are monitoring, research, and advice for the marine environment. 


CodeLab is a small software company specializing in advanced software development for marine science, energy sector, and health.

NORCE contributes with expertise in IT and acoustics

NORCE is an independent research institute with around 750 employees that undertakes research for both the public and the private sector. NORCE has a long tradition for cooperation with IMR, UiB and KM within the topic of SFI CRIMAC, due to a strong competence within acoustics and data science. 

SalMar Aker Ocean

Salmar Aker Ocean is a Norwegian aquaculture company listed on the Oslo Euronext. Our product is Atlantic salmon, and we have aquaculture activities in Norway, Scotland, and the Westfjords of Iceland. Salmar is the world's second-largest producer of Atlantic salmon. In 2022, Salmar delivered 193,700 tons of salmon.


EROS AS is a fishing company based in Fosnavaag with a history going back to 1917. Todays «Eros» is the seventh carrying the same name. The vessel is a 77 metre modern pelagic trawler/purse seiner fishing for Herring, Mackerel, Capelin and Blue Whiting in the North Atlantic, Norwegian Sea, North Sea and Barents Sea.

The University of Bergen does research and educate master- and PhD-candidates

The University of Bergen is a world leading university in marine science and technology. UoB participates in CRIMAC with three departments: the Department of Biological Sciences, the Department of Physics and Technology, and the Department of Mathematics.


Liegruppen, located in Øygarden outside the city of Bergen has been in the fishing industry for more than 120 years. Liegruppen has throughout its history always had a strong focus on development and innovation in fisheries as well as in vessel construction.

Kongsberg Discovery

Kongsberg Discovery specializes in cutting-edge technology that provides vital insights and key data about life in the oceans and ecosystem conditions. From shallow water wind farms to the deepest oceans, we offer a comprehensive range of systems for precise operation and detailed measurements of the ocean space.

Scantrol and Scantrol Deep Vision

Scantrol AS and Scantrol Deep Vision AS are located in Bergen, Norway. Scantrol has delivered control systems to trawls and cranes all over the world for more than three decades and has an extensive experience with developing technology for the marine research and trawl fisheries markets.

The Norwegian Computing Center (NR)

The Norwegian Computing Center (NR) conducts research and is one of Europe's largest environments within statistical modeling and machine learning. We carry out research assignments for Norwegian and international business, the public sector and within national and international research programs, with a vision to contribute with research that is used and seen.