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Published 31.08.2015 - Updated 08.09.2015

Inmartech history

The first International Marine Technicians (INMARTECH) meeting was instigated by what is now known as IRSO, hosted by NERC in 1996, in Southampton, UK. The purpose was to provide a forum for marine technicians to meet, and exchange knowledge and experiences, aiming to improve equipment performance, equipment deployment, and operational techniques during scientific cruises on research vessels.

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Published 03.09.2015 - Updated 03.09.2015

About IMR

With a staff of almost 750, the Institute of Marine Research is Norway's largest centre of marine science. Our main task is to provide advice to Norwegian authorities on aquaculture and the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Norwegian coastal zone. For this reason, about fifty percent of our activities are financed by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.

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