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World class vessel with high tech equipment

RV "Kronprins Haakon" will have a cruising speed of 15 knots and be capable of breaking through ice up to one metre thick. The Kronprins Haakon has been built to operate in challenging ice conditions, which means it can go further north and south than any other Norwegian research vessel. It is equipped with the very latest high-tech equipment, enabling us to perform more complex studies.

Published 07.02.2018 - Updated 07.02.2018

Technical details

    Length over all (LOA): 100,0m
    Breadth: 21,0m
    Draft: 8.5, 
    Gross tonnage: 10900T


    Maximum cruising range of approx. 15.000 nautical miles
    Endurance 65 days at cruising speed 
    Designes to operate in winter ice with pressure ridges and multi-year ice
    Accommodation for 55 persons in 38 cabins (15-17 crew). 


   50% UiT The Arctic university og Norway 
   30% Norwegian Polar Institute
   20% Institute of Marine Research (operating)
   Replaces NP´s «Lance and UiT´s «Helmer Hanssen»

Propulsion system:

    Diesel electric power
    Main engines:

  • 2 x 4,5 MW
  • 2 x 3 MW

    2 x Azimuth Thrusters  US ARC 0.8:

  • 10 MW

    2 x Polar Tunnel Thrusters:

  • 2,2 MW

Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) ICES 209:

 The vessel is spesified according to ICES 209.

Polar Classification:

    Polar Class 3 (second year ice)  

Ice load monitoring system:

   The system is intended to navigate when the vessel is operating in ice infested waters so that appropriate action can be taken to minimize the likelihood of the vessel sustaining structural damage.

Research facilities:

    15 Laboratories 
    3 container laboratories
    4 kjølerom
    2 freezer rooms for samples
    Auditorium (50 seats)

Support capability:

    40 passengers
    Long range/high endurance
    Space for 20 containers (20’) 
    Cargo hold (1180 cbm)
    5 cranes
    58 ton bollard pull
   Firefighting class 1 compliant

Helicopter facilities: 

   Hangar for two small/medium helicopters. Deck dimensioned for NH-90 (Coastguard) and Super Puma (Svalbard SAR). 


Multi-beam bathymetric echo sounders
    Simrad EM710 MkII (depth range 2800m)
    Simrad EM302  (depth range 7000m)
Marine biology echo sounders and sonars
    Simrad EK 80 split beam echosounder
    Simrad SH 90 omnidirectional sonar
    Simrad SU 90 omnidirectional sonar
    Simrad MS 70 multibeam sonar
    Simrad ME 70 multibeam echosounder
Miscellaneous hydro acoustic equipment
    Kongsberg SBP300-6 Deep Water Sub bottom profiler
    Simrad Topas PS40 Sub bottom profiler
    Teledyne RDI ADCP 38 kHz og 150 kHz
    Kongsberg HiPAP 501
    Kongsberg EA 600 12 kHz single beam echosounder
    Scanmar tcatch monitoring/trawl geometry

Calypso Giant piston corer

2D/3D seismic equipment

Hugin AUV

Geology Equipments - Coring systems

    Cravity corer 
    Calypso coring 
    Surface- subsurface sampling 
    MeBo mobile coring system 

Scientific diving:

   Driver wardrobe
   Dual compressors w/filling station
   Hyperbaric chamber

Underway measurements:

    Underway data (event logs)
    Weather station
    2 x Thermosalinograph
    Sound velocity probe
    Cufes (Fish egg sampling)
    Weather sonde
​​​​​​​    Echosounders