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HI 036248

Sunset out at sea.

Photo: Monika Sæle / Havforskningsinstituttet

REDUS Closing Seminar

Published 15.12.2020 - Updated 15.12.2020

Videos from the seminar:

Day 1 - 2nd December

Welcome and introductions
E. Olsen (IMR)

Introduction to survey designs for fisheries catch sampling
J.H. Vølstad (IMR)

Probabilistic catch-sampling in real-time
H. Otterå (IMR)

Estimation support systems
E. Fuglebakk (IMR)

The specification of the data model in SAM matters
M. Aldrin (NCC)

Fish stock assessment and uncertainty in input data
S. Aanes (NCC)

REDUS best practice guide
E. Olsen (IMR)

Day 2

Welcome and introductions
G. Søvik (IMR)

Management Strategy Evaluation Tools and Techniques
D. Howell (IMR)

Evaluating fisheries management scenarios through marine ecosystem models:
Using multispecies and ecosystem realities to evaluate different kinds of HCRs

H. Perryman (IMR)

Management strategy evaluation - A tool for sustainable harvest under uncertainty
D. Goto (IMR)

Single-species HCRs in and ecosystem "reality"
H. Perryman (IMR)

Designing and testing ecosystem HCRs using a multispecies MSE framework: the Flemish Cap case study
A. Perez-Rodriguez (IMR)

Ecosystem based harvest control rules for Norwegian and US Ecosystems
C. Hansen (IMR)

Synthesis: HCR evaluation into the future
D. Howell (IMR)

Closing discussion and questions

Day 3

Welcome and introductions
N.O. Handegard (IMR)

Fisheries independent surveys
E. Johnsen (IMR)

Randomized zigzag transects with equal coverage
A. Harbitz (IMR)

A spatio-temporal index model, predicting indices in areas without survey coverage
O. N. Breivik (NCC)

Survey design and analysis: North Sea International Bottom Trawl Surveys (IBTS)
N. Jourdain (IMR)

Implementation of software: Survey time series, StoX, Rstox and surveyPlanner
E. Johnsen (IMR)

Fisheries sonar - biases and automation
S. Vatnehol (IMR)

Standardization of sampling trawls and reduced sampling bias in the future
S. Rosen (IMR)

Simulating acoustic trawl surveys using an end-to-end ecosystem model
A. J. Holmin (IMR)

Acoustic dead zone corrections
K. Ono (IMR)

Stock table
G. Søvik (IMR)

Closing discussion and questions
E. Olsen (IMR)