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The primary objective of CRISP is to enhance the position of Norwegian fisheries related companies as leading suppliers of equipment and seafood to a global market through the development of sustainable trawl and purse seine technology.

Published 05.04.2016 - Updated 05.04.2016

The secondary objectives of CRISP are:
1. Develop and implement instrumentation to identify species and sizes prior to the catching process.
2. Develop and implement instrumentation for commercial fishing to monitor fish behaviour and gear performance during fishing operation.
3. Develop methods and instrumentation that actively release unwanted bycatch unharmed during trawl and purse seine fishing.
4. Develop new trawl designs that minimize the environmental impact on bottom habitats and reduce air pollution.
5. Develop capture and handling practices to optimize quality and thus value of captured fish.
6. Analyze and document the economical benefits for the fishing industry resulting from implementation of the new technologies developed by the project.