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Project organization and management

The Institute of Marine Research in Bergen serves as the host institution for CRISP and is employer to the centre director Aud Vold. 

Published 05.04.2016 - Updated 05.04.2016

The centre is organized as a separate unit within the IMR. It is chaired by a board and a director approved by the board. The board is responsible for decisions on project activities and budget. All partners are represented in the board, which is chaired by the partner making the largest economical contribution (Kongsberg Maritime - Simrad).

A management group (MG), consisting of the managers and assistant managers from each of the six work packages, are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the centre. A major responsibility of the MG is to ensure coordination of R&D between all partners of the centre.

Four of six work packages will be managed by scientists at the IMR in Bergen while two work packages will be managed by scientists at Nofima Marin in Tromsø. CRISP is organized as   a virtual centre. Coordination and cooperation between participants from various partners will be ensured by workshops and joint field activities on research and fishing vessels. The host will also provide working facilities for visiting partners and guest researchers as an extensive exchange of project personnel between partners is expected. 

Present composition of the board

Kongsberg Maritime AS, Simrad – Olav Vittersø, Chairman
Scantrol AS - Helge Hammersland 
Egersund Group AS - Bjørn Havsø, 
Nergård Havfiske - Kjell Larsen
Norges Sildesalgslag and Norges Råfisklag – one common board member alternatively picked by the two partners, - at present Johannes Nakken, Norges Sildesalgslag.
Nofima Marin AS - Bjørn Erik Olsen
Institute of Marine Research – Geir Huse
University of Bergen – Arne Johannessen
University of Tromsø – Terje Aspen

Director of CRISP –Aud Vold

Research Council of Norway – Turid Hiller