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INMARTECH symposium to be held at Grieghallen

The INMARTECH 2016 Organizing Committee has decided to hold the 10th INMARTECH symposium in Grieghallen. Grieghallen is centrally located downtown in Bergen city, and is known for their national and international arrangements.

Published 26.02.2016 - Updated 01.03.2016

The conference registering is now OPEN

To register for Inmartech 2016 please click here

Check-in for attendees to Inmartech 2016 will begin Monday 3th October at Scandic Byparken from 19:00pm until 20:30pm. Check- in will continue Tuesday, 4th October at 8:00am until 9:00am in Grieghallen.

During INMARTECH 2016 we will arrange different evening events. On Monday 3th October “Get together” will take place in the lobby at Scandic Byparken from 19:00pm until 21:00pm. This is a social gathering where you can meet your international colleagues and have some fingerfood and something to drink. “Ice Breaker” will take place on Tuesday 4th October at Hotel Grand Terminus from 19:00 until 21:00.  Here we will get to know each other even better and there will be light buffet with Tapas and something to drink. The conference dinner on Wednesday 5th October will be held at Bergen Aquarium. You are welcome to walk around in their collection of fish, crocodiles, penguins and sealions while you grab some sea food Tapas and drinks.

All the evening events will find place at hotels placed in walking distance from Grieghallen, see the map for more information

We recommend lodging at hotel Scandic Byparken where “Get together” will be held, or Grand Terminus where the “Ice Breaker” will be held.  More information about accommodations will be found under “Hotels and venue”.