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Internal participants

Katja Enberg
Project leader
E-mail: Katja.Enberg@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Katja Enberg is the head of the Research and advice program for the Norwegian Sea at Institute of Marine Research. She is an expert in theoretical and evolutionary models of fish life histories and fishing-induced evolution. She also chairs the ICES working group WGWIDE where the annual assessments of widely distributed pelagics (such as Norwegian spring spawning herring, NEA mackerel, blue whiting) are carried out.
Marion Claireaux
E-mail: marion.claireaux@imr.no

Marion Claireaux has a MSc in Marine Biology from the University of Brest, France. Marion is mainly interested in theoretical aspect of biology, and discovered the field of evolutionary biology through different internships during her MSc training. In her PhD-project within ConEvolHer Marion is working on energy allocation and fishing-induced changes in growth, condition, reproduction and behaviour.
Fabian Zimmermann
E-mail: fabian.zimmermann@hi.no
Web page: Website

Fabian Zimmermann has previously worked at the University of Bergen, where he finished his PhD in 2011, and at Ifremer, France. His research experience and interests are within marine ecology, fisheries science and bioeconomics, with the major focus on the biological and economic consequences of fishing-induced evolution. In ConEvolHer Fabian will investigate the drivers of year class variability as well as potential changes in behaviour, food intake, and natural mortality over time in Norwegian spring spawning herring, utilizing the wide range of time series data available.
Aril Slotte
Head of Pelagic Fish Research Group
E-mail: aril.slotte@imr.no
Web page: Website

Aril Slotte is the head of Pelagic Fish Research Group, which included large involvement in annual monitoring, assessment and advice of commercially important pelagic fish stocks. Main research topic is biological studies of herring at all life stages with focus on population dynamics, population structure and connectivity, migration, energy utilisation and allocation, behaviour, reproduction and recruitment processes.
Erling Kåre Stenevik
E-mail: Erlings@imr.no
Web page: Website

Erling Kåre Stenevik from the Pelagic Fish group is responsible for assessment and advice for Norwegian spring spawning herring and has in-depth knowledge of existing data. His main research interest is to understand what causes recruitment variability, particularly in pelagic fish such as herring in the Norwegian Sea.
Georg Skaret
Tel.: +47 951 61 038
E-mail: georg.skaret@imr.no
Web page: Website

Georg Skaret from the Pelagic Fish group in an expert on acoustics and schooling of pelagic fish.