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National collaborators

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Christian Jørgensen
Associate professor
E-mail: christian.jorgensen@bio.uib.no
Web page: Website

Christian Jørgensen at the University of Bergen is a theoretical biologist, who has been productive in a variety of fields including fishing-induced evolution, evolutionary marine ecology, evolution of mating systems, and methodologies for modelling evolution. He has been central in developing the theory underlying this project.
Mikko P. Heino
E-mail: Mikko.Heino@bio.uib.no
Web page: Website

Mikko Heino at the University of Bergen is an internationally distinguished fisheries biologist in the forefront of developing statistical approaches to fishing-induced evolution. He was central in detecting fishing-induced evolution using probabilistic maturation reaction norms, a methodology to be extended to other traits than maturation within this project.
Arild Folkvord
E-mail: Arildf@imr.no
Web page: Website

Arild Folkvord at the University of Bergen has a long track record in age and growth studies in fish and holds an adjunct position at the Pelagic Fish at IMR where he currently is working on individual growth of herring based on scale measurements from the IMR database.