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Published 20.10.2021 - Updated 20.10.2021

A project presentation leaflet can be downloaded here.

Teodosio Lacava, Nicola Pergola and Valerio Tramutoli. Il programma Europeo di Osservazione della Terra Copernicus e le recenti strategie di User Uptake. In Magazine of Knowledge Transfer Review: Focus on Aerospace, Number 5, pp 117-123, ISBN: 9788894404326

Available online here

Antonio Colangelo, Iole Federica Paradiso and Lucio Bernardini Papalia. Il ruolo, le specificità e le metodologie operative del distretto tecnologico TeRN: elementi strategici per lo sviluppo del sistema lucano dell'aerospazio. In Magazine of Knowledge Transfer Review: Focus on Aerospace, Number 5, pp 97-107, ISBN: 9788894404326

Available online here

Lien, VS, Bergh Ø, and Wehde H. 2019. Copernicus Marine: a “one-stop shop” data facilitator for marine management and operations. Poster, Arctic Frontiers, Tromsø, Norway Jan. 20-24.2019.
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Tramutoli V, Comacchia C, Genzano N, Lacava T, Paradiso IF, Pergola N, and Satriano V. 2018. The Copernicus Academy and Relay Networks initiatives and recent EU-funded projects for Education in Space Technologies Applications. Poster, AGU Fall Meeting, Washington D.C., US, Dec 10-14. 2018

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Publications from Cristin

Cordinet and Copernicus Marine - On the use of earth observation data for marine environmental monitoring.

Bergh, Øivind; Wehde, Henning; Lien, Vidar Surén. 2019, Aquaculture Europe 2019.


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