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Published 26.05.2020 - Updated 26.05.2020

Home-office videos by and for Copernicus Relays

We offer “home office videos” which includes information that may benefit you as a Copernicus Relay. We also invite you to share your videos for the benefit of the Copernicus Relay Community.

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Published 08.05.2020 - Updated 08.05.2020

CoRdiNet presents at EGU

CoRdiNet presented barriers that are limiting the adoption of Earth Observation data and their integration with non-conventional observations at this year’s EGU conference.

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Published 06.02.2020 - Updated 06.02.2020

Partnership Award from Research to Market 2020

Announcement: Following the success of last year Award and with strong collaboration with the CopHub.AC project  EARSC is running the “partnership” competition recognising and rewarding outstanding collaboration in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake. Specifically, Academia and Companies (in partnership) will be encouraged to submit a proposal for cooperation or present an already established collaboration achievement “from Research to Market”. The winner partnership will be recognized and promoted by EARSC. We are studying the possibility to Network and Showcase their partnership at the EXPANDEOExhibition (17-18 June, 2020 in Brussels).

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Published 31.01.2020 - Updated 31.01.2020

Webinar on Copernicus data access

Did you miss our webinar on Copernicus data access, or maybe you just want to have another look at the presentation? Now you can find the slides from the presentation here.

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Published 14.02.2020 - Updated 14.02.2020

Workshop on Copernicus data and products in marine sector

As a part of the Annual Review Meeting in CoRdiNet, co-organized together with CopHub.AC, we arranged the workshop Possibilities and challenges of Copernicus products and services in marine industry, research and management – Bringing together Copernicus product providers and users

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Published 18.01.2021 - Updated 18.01.2021

Policy Briefings

The Policy Briefings presents first recommendations for Copernicus stakeholders to increase the level of interest, maturity of service offers and satisfy user needs in the Copernicus program’s services.

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Published 31.10.2019 - Updated 31.10.2019

User Uptake Plan

A User Uptake Plan including recommendations and guidelines for user-uptake activities is provided.

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Published 29.05.2019 - Updated 29.05.2019


In the framework of the CoRdiNet Project, a questionnaire (link) devoted to assess the regional stakeholder awareness about the EU Copernicus Programme and its possible applications has been issued.

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Published 22.05.2019 - Updated 22.05.2019

Partnership award – Academia-Industry

EARSC in cooperation with CopHub.AC is running a new competition to recognise and reward outstanding collaboration in public-private partnerships for the Copernicus user-uptake.

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Published 16.09.2019 - Updated 16.09.2019

Evaluation Board Meeting

First meeting of the CoRdiNet Evaluation Board to prepare for the upcoming Calls for Expression of Interest was held in Brussels on April 10.

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Published 02.05.2019 - Updated 02.05.2019

Joint CoRdiNet - CopHub.AC meeting

Partners from the two projects CoRdiNet and CopHub.AC organized a joint meeting as a part of the semi-annual project review meetings.

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Published 02.05.2019 - Updated 02.05.2019

Review Meeting

On April 3-4 the CoRdiNet partners met in Salzburg for a two-day meeting for internal discussions and project review. 

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Published 27.03.2019 - Updated 27.03.2019

Regional engagement meeting in Basilicata, Italy

On Friday March 29th, our CoRdiNet partner in Basilicata, Italy, will host a regional engagement meeting with existing and potential Copernicus stakeholders. The meeting will be held at the Campus of the di Macchia Romana University in the “Aula Leonardo”, and starts at 09:00.

A program can be found here

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