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Success stories

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European network of Copernicus Regional Contact Offices

Identification and segmentation of regional user needs by means of a demand/offer matching analysis – example from the “When Space meets Agriculture” project.

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IoT-based sensing technology in farming

IoT-based field sensing technology in Sensing4Farming brings a new paradigm in the world of smart, digital and precision farming.

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GMES/Copernicus Demand Study Bavaria

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East Midlands Copernicus Relay

The East Midlands Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications actively supports business growth by connecting academia with businesses in Earth Observation.

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Case study on precision agriculture

Precision agriculture is seen as the answer to the need to feed a growing population in a world of decreasing arable land, increasing demands on water input and higher quality foods.

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Bavarian Copernicus Strategy Group

Establishment of the Copernicus Office Bavaria (2006) and the regular meetings of its local Copernicus Arbeitskreis (Copernicus Strategy Group) (2005).

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Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen (AZO)

AZO utilizes the Copernicus Masters to promote commercialization of cutting-edge solutions for everyday use of Earth Observation.

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