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ConEvolHer PhD-student Marion Claireaux preseneting her thesis chapters.

Photo: Katja Enberg

Final ConEvolHer project meeting took place in Bergen

The ConEvolHer project is approaching its end this year, which was setting the stage for a final project meeting in Bergen on May 30 and 31. The meeting was attended by all national and international project partners and was used as an opportunity to present recent scientific results relevant to the project, tackle current challenges and outline future research plans. Productive discussions were facilitated by beautiful weather and initiated perfectly the final stage of ConEvolHer.

Published 11.06.2018 - Updated 11.06.2018

Besides the three ConEvolHer core members Katja Enberg, Marion Claireaux and Fabian Zimmermann, the national collaborators Aril Slotte (IMR), Arild Folkvord (UiB), Christian Jørgensen (UiB), Mikko Heino (UiB) and Tom Langbehn (UiB) as well as the international collaborators Marc Mangel (UCSC), Bruno Ernande (IFREMER) and Shaun Killen (University of Glasgow) were present at the meeting. A first set of presentations focused on results and progress within ConEvolHer or relevant to the project, notably from thesis of ConEvolHer PhD student Marion Claireaux and from ConEvolHer postdoc Fabian Zimmermann, but also results from the ICES WGEVO working group and the EU-funded MARmaED project as well as experimental work at the University of Glasgow. The second set of talks presented outlooks on newly started projects that are linked to ConEvolHer, specifically the GENSINC project that attempts to analyze the genetic drivers behind phenotypic adaptations of different herring stocks to their specific environment and a new project that continues the experimental work on fishing-induced evolution in guppies at UiB.

A large part of the meeting was, however, directed towards discussion and problem solving, resulting in substantial progress in some areas and contributing to a successful conclusion of ConEvolHer. The productivity of the meeting benefitted from the beautiful location in IMR’s seaside building Pynten within the Nordnes park and exceptionally gorgeous weather during the entire period.

Nothing beats lunch at the waterfront – and a swim afterwards! Bergen at its best.
Photo: Katja Enberg.

The project meeting also got tweeted about.