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CopHub.AC and CoRdiNet – Final Event

Joint Final Event of the Copernicus Academy and Relays networks CopHub.AC & CoRdiNet

Published 16.11.2020 - Updated 16.11.2020

The projects CopHub.AC  and CoRdiNet invited to their Joint Final Event held virtually on November 5th to summarize the two network’s achievements during the past two years as Horizon2020 projects and further set the stage for the way forward to support regions in digitalization through adoption of Copernicus EO data and services. The agenda for the joint event, called A hitchhiker’s guide to digitalization in Europe – the detour through space, can be downloaded here.

We presented our two networks and our achievements and offers to support regions in Europe. Furthermore, we invited to a roundtable discussions on the way forward and recipes for digitalization by Earth Observation and Copernicus applications throughout European regions and industry sectors.

A booklet which can be downloaded here summarizes the two projects, their achievements, activities and outputs. The booklet also presents the role of Copernicus Relays and Academies, as well as policy recommendations at regional and EU level.