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Pilot projects linking Copernicus providers and users

CoRdiNet supports the creation of pilot projects to create business links between users and suppliers of Copernicus related services.

Published 08.02.2021 - Updated 08.02.2021

One activity in the CoRdiNet project is the match-making between providers of Earth Observation and Copernicus services providers and downstream users. As a part of this activity, CoRdiNet partner GMV has developed pilot project description sheets to facilitate the linkage between providers and users. More specifically, the pilot project description sheets are intended to function as working documents for exploring how disrupting technologies and solutions offered by Copernicus can facilitate the reporting obligations of certain public administration levels and large corporations.

CoRdiNet members have been in contact with tractor end users with specific needs for Copernicus data and added-value services: public administrations at international, national, regional, or local level and bound by legal frameworks in which Copernicus products may be used as a tool for knowledge, reporting and decision making. Here, we present the pilot project description sheets developed by CoRdiNet partners. Mostly, the pilot projects specify needs within nature and environmental conservation and one specific solution (out of several possible solutions) that can be provided by the Earth Observation downstream market.

The full set of pilot project description sheets can be downloaded here.