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Seen from space - exhibition

The exhibition SEEN FROM SPACE invites you to a unique journey in Brittany through exceptional images obtained by Earth observation satellites bearing sensors able to provide different kind of images from our planet.

Published 29.06.2021 - Updated 29.06.2021

These snapshots reveal a reality that is difficult for the human eye to appreciate as the optical sensors allow us to see beyond the visible, including images that reveal ocean currents, algal blooms, and vegetation. This satellite-derived information has a wide range of applications, including the estimation of green spaces in cities, the development of habitat in rural areas, monitoring human activities such as ship traffic and physical phenomena such as winds, waves and currents, and more.

The exhibition is on display in the garden of the scientific aquarium Océanopolis in Brest, Brittany, until October 2021. There is also an online version of the exhibition that can be viewed from the link provided above. More information can be obtained here.