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Internal participants

Katja Enberg
Project leader
E-mail: Katja.Enberg@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Katja Enberg is the head of the Research and advice program for the Norwegian Sea at Institute of Marine Research. She is an expert in theoretical and evolutionary models of fish life histories and fishing-induced evolution. She also chairs the ICES working group WGWIDE where the annual assessments of widely distributed pelagics (such as Norwegian spring spawning herring, NEA mackerel, blue whiting) are carried out.
Nikos Nikolioudakis
E-mail: nikolaos.nikolioudakis@imr.no
Web page: www..imr.no

Nikos Nikolioudakis is a postdoc in the EcoNorSe project and a member of the Pelagic Fish group at IMR. Nikos has his PhD on Trophic Ecology of small pelagic fish from Greece, and he has been working with pelagic fish for more than ten years as a student and later as a post doctoral researcher. In the EcoNorSe project he will be dealing with spatio-temporal data correlations in an attempt to improve our understanding on species interactions and habitat preferences, using state-of-the-art methods and software.
Aril Slotte
Head of Pelagic Fish Research Group
E-mail: aril.slotte@imr.no
Web page: Website

Aril Slotte is the head of Pelagic Fish Research Group, which included large involvement in annual monitoring, assessment and advice of commercially important pelagic fish stocks. Main research topic is biological studies of herring at all life stages with focus on population dynamics, population structure and connectivity, migration, energy utilisation and allocation, behaviour, reproduction and recruitment processes.
Erling Kåre Stenevik
Pelagic Fish Research Group
E-mail: Erlings@imr.no
Web page: Website

Erling Kåre Stenevik from the Pelagic Fish group is responsible for assessment and advice for Norwegian spring spawning herring and has in-depth knowledge of existing data. His main research interest is to understand what causes recruitment variability, particularly in pelagic fish such as herring in the Norwegian Sea.
Leif (2)
Leif Nøttestad
E-mail: leif.noettestad@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Leif Nøttestad from the Pelagic Fish group is responsible for assessment and advice and expert on Northeast Atlantic mackerel.
Åge (2)
Åge Høines
E-mail: aage.hoines@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Åge Høines from the Pelagic Fish group is responsible for assessment and advice of blue whiting.
Eneko (2)
Eneko Bachiller
Post Doc/Researcher
E-mail: eneko.bachiller@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Eneko Bachiller is a post doc working on trophic ecology of the pelagic fish in the Norwegian Sea and in the Bay of Biscay. Eneko spent the first two years of his postdoc at the Pelagic fish group at IMR, but is now in 2016 back at AZTI (Marine Research Division) & Univ. Basque Country (Dept. Ecology). In this project Eneko is contributing particularly on WP2 with the dietary data analysis, and he will be making comparative diet analysis between the southern and northern habitat of Atlantic mackerel.
Kjell Rong Utne
E-mail: kjellro@imr.no
Web page: Website

Kjell Rong Utne works with ecosystem modelling, primarily with a fish model integrated in an end-to-end model, and with integrated assessment with a special focus on pelagic fish. In this project Kjell will work mainly on WP 3 with NORWECOM.E2E model.
Geir (2)
Geir Dahle
E-mail: geir.dahle@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Geir Dahle from the Population Genetics group works with population genetics of marine species with main focus on Atlantic cod, Atlantic herring, Snow crab in the Barents Sea and lobster along the Norwegian coast, utilizing different molecular markers. In this project Geir will work mainly on WP 1 on development of genetic methods for diet analysis.
Jon Ivar (2)
Jon-Ivar Westgaard
E-mail: jon-ivar.westgaard@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Jon-Ivar Westgaard from the Populations Genetics group will in this project work mainly on development of the genetic methods for diet analysis in WP 1.
Nash R
Richard Nash
E-mail: richard.nash@imr.no
Web page: Website

Richard Nash from the Demersal Fish group works egg production, early life history dynamics and nursery ground processes. In this project he will work on WP 2 on predator selectivity.
Sonnich (2)
Sonnich Meier
E-mail: sonnich@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Sonnich Meier from the Marine Environment Chemistry group will in this project work on WP 1, establishing methods for developing a library of fatty acid and stable isotope libraries for the pelagic species.
Padmini 2010
Padmini Dalpadado
E-mail: padmini.dalpadado@imr.no
Web page: Webpage

Padmini Dalpadado from the Plankton group is an expert on predator-prey interactions between zooplankton and fish with focus on climate effects on the Barents Sea ecosystem dynamics. In this project Padmini will work on WP 2 on predator selectivity.
Cecilie Hansen
E-mail: Cecilie.Hansen@imr.no
Web page: Website

Cecilie Hansen from the Ecosystem processes group works on End-to-end models, with focus on the Barents and Nordic Seas. Cecilie combines climate and harvesting management scenarios, and studies the effects of changes in populations and harvest control rules. In this project she will work on WP 3, modelling the ecosystem dynamics of the Norwegian Sea with Atlantis model.