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International collaborators

Gudmundur (2)
Gudmundur Oskarsson
E-mail: gjos@hafro.is

Gudmundur Oskarsson at Marine Research Institute, Iceland, works on stock assessment, life-histories, migration patterns, trophic relations and general ecology of pelagic fish stocks. Gudmundur is the co-chair of the ICES Working Group on the Integrated Assessments of the Norwegian Sea (WGINOR). In this project Gudmundur will mostly contribute to WP 2.
Jan Arge (2)
Jan Arge Jacobsen
E-mail: janarge@hav.fo
Web page: Webpage

Jan Arge Jacobsen is the head of the Pelagic department at the Faroe Marine Research Institute, and responsible for research and assessment of pelagic fish species (herring, blue whiting, mackerel, and wild salmon). In this project Jan Arge will mostly contribute to WP 2.
Antonio (2)
Antonio Bode
Web page: Webpage

Antonio Bode at the Instituto Español de Oceanografia in Spain works on plankton, primary production, nitrogen dynamics, food webs, microbial plankton, pelagic ecosystems, and coastal ocean and is an expert in the molecular methods for diet analysis on small pelagics. In this project Antonio will mostly contribute to WP 1.
Teunis (2)
Teunis Jansen
E-mail: teja@natur.gl
Web page: Webpage

Teunis Jansen at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources works on Atlantic Mackerel with focus on migration, growth, recruitment, population structure, trophic interactions and improvements in stock assessment. In this project Teunis will mostly contribute to WP 2.