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National collaborators

Fiksen Ø
Øyvind Fiksen
E-mail: oyvind.fiksen@bio.uib.no
Web page: Website

Professor Øyvind Fiksen at the University of Bergen is a theoretical biologist, whose research addresses how processes at the level of individuals drive the dynamics of populations and communities in the marine environment; including mechanistic models of processes, state-variable optimality theory and marine trait-based ecosystem models. Øyvind works on behaviour and strategies in fish, zooplankton and microbes, and on the consequences of these tactics and strategies in an ecosystem context.
Hans J. Skaug
E-mail: skaug@imr.no
Web page: Website

Professor Hans Julius Skaug at the University of Bergen is a mathematician with research interests in statistical ecology, line transect methods, population genetics, parameter estimation in latent variable models, including state-space models and spatial statistics.