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EcoNorSe joining the International Symposium on Drivers of Dynamics of Small Pelagic Fish Resources

EcoNorSe will be represented in the upcoming joint ICES/PICES Symposium on ‘Drivers of dynamics of small pelagic fish resources’ to be held in Victoria, BC, Canada on 6-11 March 2017 by Nikos Nikolioudakis.

Published 12.12.2016 - Updated 12.12.2016

Nikos will be giving a presentation entitled “Spatio-temporal modelling of Northeast Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) distribution: introducing estimates of uncertainty and going beyond ‘visual’ correlations” to identify the drivers that affect the distribution of NEA mackerel.

NEA mackerel has been greatly expanding its distribution during the last decade, however the reasons remain largely unknown and Nikos will attempt to shed some light on this. Apart from Nikos, quite a few other participants of the EcoNorSe project will be attending this international Symposium, presenting aspects related with their work and providing useful insights to small pelagic fish related research.

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